PUBG Mobile Season 11 Updates 0.16.0 Updates,News 2019

PUBG Updates:- Here is the latest PUBG update I will give you all season upcoming skins and many more other staff. In this article, I will give you all the latest information like New Outfit, Emote, Upcoming Weapons.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Updates:-

  • In the 0.16.0 update, there is a new Weapon Skin that is Glacier M416, Glacier AKM.
  • New Rage Gear mode in which you destroy the vehicles.
  • New DeathMatch update where you can choose only one gun in starting the game.
  • New Reindeer Trainer Set in Classic Create with Shinning Star Helmet.
  • New Zombies mode 2 update Next level Danger.
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PUBG Mobile Season 11

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Updates:-

  • New OutFit 
  • New Parachute Skin You get in S-Tier
  • New MK14 Skin You get it in Diamond Tier when playing 5 Match in Diamond Tier
  •  New Emote- Dancing Whilst-Emote.
  • New Weapon that is like Grenada Launcher and also it fire bullets.
  • New Vehicles Lion skins. 
PUBG Mobile Season 11

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PUBG Celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Gamers, all gamer will congress the PUBG MOile with there own style.

Many Gamer Like Dynamo, Mortal and many more YouTuber congress the PUBG to achieve this position in the Gaming Industry. Comment Below if you Love PUBG to Grow more and more in this field.
PUBG Mobile Season 11

PUBG start the skin design contest to make a beautiful and attractive skin for outfit or vehicles and
parachute. If you want to participate then go to the Pubg official site give your design.

If you want me to give you more information about it Just Comment Below and will try to give you full Information and genuine information about PUBG Updates.
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