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Best Android Games:- Here is the best android and ios game I will show you with the download links and complete information about the games. Also, Give you unique information about the games and some tips to enjoy it more and also tell that it is Free or Paid.

1.GRID Autosport


Version:- 1.6.1
Size:- 3.87 GB/900 Rupees
Released Date:- Nov.26,2019

This is a great racing game in which you can fell like console-quality racing on android this game is full of enjoyment and complete pro racing game. This game is paid but when you purchase it once you will race forever without any paid problem one-time payment.

GRID Autosport required 3.9 GB of Free space and Android 9.0(Pie) and is supported on the following device.

Google Pixel 3
Oneplus 6
Oneplus 6T
Oneplus 7
Redmi 9
Redmi 6
And many more.

Feature of the Game
  • Bye Once, Race Forever
When you purchase this game for once you get the complete AAA hit and all its DLC in one simple purchase.
  • 100 Cars and 100 Circuits
IN the game you get tons of cars and lots of Track to riad those cars and tons of roads, laps, and loops.
  • Customizable Controls

The game have very easy and changeable controls which you can switch between match like Tilt, Wheel Touch, gamepad, Etc.
  • Scalable Difficulty

In the game, you also adjust the difficulty level as you become master in the game.

2.Birk Adventure


Version:- 1.01
Size:- 8.62MB/240.00 Rupees
Released Date:- Dec.3,2019

Birk is a very unique and great game for timepass and full of enjoyment in you explore the kingdom of Amidala in a retro-style Lite RPG platform. The game contain many characters very have their own ability and different types of bosses you need to defeat.

In the game during a dark mysterious force appear on the skies over the kingdom of Nidala the character Birk, is the brave town boy, head over to the old tower. In the tower, Merlin lives, in hopes of getting some answers from the elder.

Feature of the Game

  • Non-linear gameplay
In the game, you can freely explore the kingdom without any barrier or any restriction.
  • Casual Friendly, Non-Destructive gameplay
IN the game when you die or killed then you will respawn in the last room instead of having to start all over.
  • Interact with Characters
IN the game you also trade items and you will get the hints to complete the different tasks.
  • Collect Weapons and Upgrade your character
IN the game you can collect the different types of weapons and valuables item which give you different abilities and upgrade your character.

3.Frontline Guard: WW2 online Shooter


Version:- 0.9.43
Size:- 369MB
Released Date:- ----

This game is created as world war 2 based where you can fight with the enemy in the different locations of world war 2 in the brand new FPS Shooter. This is a free mobile shooting game that has different types of guns and lots of different places to fight.

The game have a unique feature that is when you fight and win the match then you unlock the deathmatch and team deathmatch. The game is very easy to learn for newcomers but hard to master ever for hardcore players.

Feature of the Game
  • Massive PVP
IN the game there is a real player who is waiting for you to fight and win the match.
  • Dynamic Battles
The game is very easy to learn for newcomers but hard to master ever for hardcore players.
  • No Classes
Here you can get all guns and free to play all guns like a sniper and if you are walking tank or heavy trooper.
  • Stunning Graphics
The game contains the amazing graphics and great sound effect to give you a proper feel of world war 2 conditions.

4.Faraway: Galactic escape


Version:- 1.0.5797
Size:- 87.27MB
Released Date:- Dec.1,2019

The game is full of puzzles and very great secret in the last chapter of Faraway, the game is completely made for puzzles lovers. In the game escape, all-new locations in faraway and here is a different challenge that attacks directly to your brain.

If you love to love the puzzles or you are master to solve puzzles then this game is for you, take the part in the grand finale of an epic story that will bring you hours of fun.

Feature of the Game

  • Exciting Locations
IN the game you find a very interesting location and a very attractive location which gives you a unique view.

  • The Mystery Ends
In the game, you will collect all notes and learn the long-awaited truth about the faraway place and the origin or its purpose.

  • Intricate Puzzles
The game is full of puzzles that contain over 18 new levels of intriguing escape puzzles in 3D.

  • Try For Free
The game contain paid levels but you can also play free some of the levels.

5.Om Nom: Merge


Version:- 32.2.498
Size:- 80.13MB
Released Date:- Nov.25,2019

This is very funny and great game to time pass and also have great graphics the game cut the rope comes the sweetest merge game ever. In the game cut the rope character merge and help Om Nom save the forest.

In the game there is abundance of fruit that has started cropping up throughout the land it's up to Om Nom to restore the balance and save the magic forest. But there are also many more friends to help the Om Nom.

Feature of the Game

  • Merge Similar
In the game, you can merge the same character to make a new form of that character.

  • New Locations
In the game, you can discover new locations.

  • Om Nom Spells
The game have insane spells, use Om Nom Spells to make fruit grow faster and evolve with double-speed.

6. Never Ending Dungeon


Version:- 5.7.0
Size:- 99.72MB
Released Date:- ------

The game is about fighting in which you can fight with your heroes and kill the monsters and crab the loots and also explore the never-ending number of dungeons. The game has non stop battles and your heroes fight and increase there level 24/7 even when you are offline.

The game continually fights and gives you epic loots like different powers of the heroes and many more, in the game crush the enemy and slap the bosses and earn gold and other staff.

Feature of the Game

  • NonStop Battle
IN the game, your heroes can fight and level up 24/7 even when you are offline.
  • Big Bosses
IN the game, there are many different types of bosses to fight and crab the loots.
  • Hero Upgrades
Heros have many levels to upgrade and become powerful and stronger.
  • Unique Pets
The game has unique pets that give you different abilities to fight against the strong bosses.

7. Alien Escape


Version:- 1.1.6
Size:- 30.72MB
Released Date:- Nov.12,2019 

The game based on the gravity of the phone in which you can move your character by moving your phone with respect to your gravity. The alien in the game is trap in the small room where is many traps are waiting for you.

You need to escape out the alien alive to reach the next level and more difficult is waiting for you in the game that is Fire, Honey, magical portal, etc.

8. Dark Days: Zombies Survival

Version:- 12.4
Size:- 102MB
Released Date:- Nov.25,2019

The game is based upon the apocalypse where the zombies are the king and your few people alive and survive against the zombies with unique weapons. Dark Day is the tactical survival shooting game in which you can survive and also kill the zombies.

The Dark Day is the combination of the survival and shooting game which is full of fun and enjoyment in the game the apocalypse is upon us! Hold on for dear life in the world of death and despair. The military dropped nuclear bombes in the most infected areas, but its too late.

Feature of the Game

  • Buil and Upgrade
IN the game, you build your own house and upgrade your shelter.
  • Gather Resources
You can find different resources to survive and kill the zombies.
  • Massive World
IN the game, there is a massive world to find different resources and build the shelter.
  • Original Graphics
The game have great Graphics and unique sound quality to give you a perfect atmosphere.

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