Odestro QC-10 Bluetooth Earphone 
Wireless Earphone

Name:- Odestro QC-10 Wireless Earphone

Warranty:- 1 Year

Cash on Delivery:- Is available

Price:- 194.00 Rupees

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Wireless Earphone:- This earphone we tell here has a great sound and this can cancel over 90% noise with their great sound protector. This wireless earphone has good noise isolation to create an optimal environment for listening to your favorite tunes.

Built-in microphone with noise cancellation for clear calling and friend chatting and enjoy the calling without any problem. This earphone is very lightweight and portable and doesn't take too much space in your bag when traveling. 


The special thing of the earphone is that it is sweat proof and lightweight and ergonomic design to give you full comfort. And the sweat-proof helps your earphone to work properly when workout and their earbuds are so comfortable.

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Features of the Product

1. HD quality comfy and flexible and light.
2. The earphone is very lightweight.
3. 1 Warranty.
4. Good noise isolation.
5. Sound great and cancel out 90% of background noise.
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