ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch Gaming LCD Monitor

Name:- ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch 

Warranty:- 3 Year

Replacement:- 10 Days

Price:- 7,934.00 rupees

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Gaming Monitor:- Here is the best gaming monitor for gamers to play games like PUBG and fortnite or any shooting games you like. This game monitor is 21.5 full HD monitor with 1ms quick response time to eliminate ghosting. In the monitor, there are tracers for more fluid video playback.


ASUS provides you the best things like ASUS-exclusive GamePlus which provides crosshair and Timer function for the better gaming experience. The color of the monitor is black and the height is 30.9 cm and width is 5.2cm or the weight of the monitor is 3.5kg.

The review's of the Users

22 January 2019
Verified Purchase
Talking about the unique selling point (USP) of this monitor, its response time.

For gaming
Remember, faster response time is not all a good gaming monitor needs, it does need a higher refresh rate too, 
which this monitor lacks(75 hgz) which is still considered good at this price point though.

Full HD LCD- Most monitors till date are LCD with LED/WLED(same) backlit.

It's the panel which makes a difference.
3 panels found in monitors are IPS, VA, TN

This one has TN, which is cheapest among the above 3 mentioned so it's cost-effective.
TN has the fastest response time but lack picture quality.

This monitor is only for gaming or normal office/home browsing. Please avoid if anyone is looking for graphical, imaging, visual work.

26 November 2018
Verified Purchase
Got it for gaming and video watching. I carry it with me when I'm traveling with my rig! The speakers were a good surprise! Been using them almost exclusively (no other speakers) but then I'm not very finicky about audio. The screen itself is the best I've had in a while.

15 June 2018
Verified Purchase
1. The monitor is as described in the Item description. Picture quality is good and the viewing angles are alright
 ( Used HDMI cable).
2. Easy Installation and It got delivered with the Indian Power cable, so there were no worries about plugging it straight away.
3. Plenty of options to change the settings on this one and can be done with ease.
I haven't played any games as I am yet to build my PC. Will review gaming performance post PC build.
I had selected next day delivery for this monitor but there was some issue at Courier's end and wasn't
delivery on the 1st day. So reducing 1 star for it.

22 December 2017
Verified Purchase
Nice product Asus Go for it Works well competitive pricing.
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Features of the Product

1. Tracers for more fluid video playback.
2. Timer function for the better gaming experience.
3. Low Blue Light Technologies.
4. Extensive connectivity including HDMI, DVI-D.
5. The TUV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker.
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