5 Ways to Earn Real Money by Playing Games  

Here we can tell you the best way to earn money by playing games. There are many ways to earn money by playing games online/offline

1.Live Stream(YouTube) 

                                                           Live Streaming is the best way to earn great money from youtube. There are many people how streaming and earn good money from youtube like Carryminati, Dynamo, etc. In live streaming, you need a good gaming PC in which you can play all king of the game or if you do not have any PC then Ps4, Xbox one is also a great platform to play the game and earn good Money.

2.Big Gaming Tournament 

                                                                      There are many places were the gaming tournament is performed and Gamers all over the world come and fight against each other and winning team gets an earning amount and the team which wins have a lot of offers of advertiser which give money to promote their product and play their Games.

3.Online Gaming apps

                                                          If you want to earn money online then there are many Apps in play-store in which you can play games online and earn good money. The apps which give you money is MPL. MPL is the no.1 app which gives you money by playing the game in your android smartphone. Must try this app at once I hope you like it.

4.Gaming Reviews

                               If you have a great and powerful PC in which you can Play all kind of games without any lags and any problem then you become a Game Reviewer in which you can play the latest game and tell the public about that game is good or bad and features of that game specification of that game and the graphics of that game which make it different from another games.
When you earn a lot of traffic or followers then many game developers can give money to play there game and review about her games

5.Game Tester  

This is my Favorite job on the list in which you can play games and earn a lot of money. Basically, in this, you will break the game and highlights the bugs and problem or any kind of shortcut in the which have a fix by the game developer and you will get an annual package of Rupees 5 to 10 lacks per Year.
But for this, you need a lot of experience in games to Break the Game. So only a Pro-Gamer is get that kind of Jobs.
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