Redgear Blaze 3 Color Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Aluminum body and Windows Key Lock

Name:- Redgear Blaze 3 color gaming Keyword

Warranty:- 1 Year

Replacement:- 10 Days

Price:- 949.00 Rupees

CHIST PUBG PC Intel Core i5 Processor 8GB Ram  

Gaming Keyword:- Here is the best gaming keyword you can buy at this price range this is one of the best gaming keywords which gamers also use for play different game like PUBG and fortnite. This keyword has Floating keycaps for mechanical feel and has 3 different LED color backlight.

The keyword also contains Windows key lock and floating Switch: 45g trigger pressure this gaming keyword has 4.5 ratings in amazon and also have many positive reviews. The have amzing shape and looking very amazing and in dark it looks very beautiful and there is also 7 LED color version of that keyword. 


The keyword has Aluminium Structure and has 19 keys anti-ghost which make this keyword more unique than other keywords. The special feature of the keyboard is windows Key Lock which block the windows Pop-Up in Game and help in the best gaming experience.

Additional Features

1. Floating Key Caps for Mechanical feel.
2. 3 LED color backlight.
3. Windows Key Lock.
4. Floating Switch.
5. Aluminum Structure.
6. 19 Keys Anti-ghost.

ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch Gaming LCD Monitor

Technical Details Of the Product

  • Brand:- Redgear
  • Model Name:- Manta
  • Weight:- 649g
  • Dimensions:- 46*20.8*5 cm
  • Connector Type:- Wired
  • Has Auto Focus:- NO
Some Reviews of the Users

1 September 2018
Style: 3 LED color backlightVerified Purchase
The keyboard quality is great at this budget point. The lighting features are also good. The keyboard feels sturdy, though slightly heavy. For gaming, this is perfect as you wouldn't notice much the lettering on the keys. But there 
are certain aspects that annoy me a lot.

1. The printing on the numbers are too bad and you won't be even able to read them without turning the backlight
2. The lighting of the NUM, Caps and Windows lock keys are way too bright that it hurts the eyes
3. The biggest concern till now is double spacing. While writing this review itself, I was able to get 10+ errors for double spacing, still, you cannot do anything about it. That's very irritating. I am not even going to edit those spaces so that you can see the result yourself.

I would recommend spending some extra bucks for a better gaming keyboard. I'm stuck with this for now.,

8 November 2018
Style: 3 LED color backlightVerified Purchase
It's a decent keyboard with some good premium features. The build quality is quite good. considering its low price, I was actually surprised seeing the build quality. Raised keys will give you a mechanical keyboard like feeling. However, it's a normal membrane keyboard. The LED's are very good, it's bright but at the same time doesn't hurt your eyes. This keyboard can give you a premium keyboard's look and feel. It doesn't look cheap at all like other competitors in the same price range. To be honest I didn't find any cons. However, I would like to mention the following points if you considering to purchase it
1) People are saying in the reviews that Printing on keys is not visible. Well, it's true, but there's a reason behind it. Those letter inscriptions are actually transparent so that the backlit LED's can be easily visible. So keep in mind that you need to turn on the LED's all time in order to use this keyboard. Otherwise, you'll face difficulties seeing the letters. But in my personal opinion, nobody looks at the keyboard while typing as soon as they get used to with a particular keyboard. So, it's not a con for me.
2) Num Lock indicator, Caps lock indicator and windows lock indicator LED's are too bright(blue color and you cannot change the LED color for these 3 LED indicators) and really hurts your eyes because they are pointing directly at your face. This can be very irritating at night time.
3)Instead of violet, they could go for Green LEDs for the 3rd color option. It would have been great.

Now come the seller's service and delivery. I have no complained about the delivery time, but the packaging was worst. I purchased it from a seller named Appario Retail Private Ltd. They sent the product without any protection at all, no cardboard box, no bubble wrap... nothing !! Not even a plastic wrap. They literally send the keyboard directly in its product box without any packaging. Due to this horrible packaging (if you call it a packaging ) one corner of the keyboard got slightly damaged. The paint came off from the metal and also there were some minor scratches(See screenshot). Fortunately, the internals of the keyboard didn't get damaged and working fine. I request the seller to please give importance to packaging. I know it's a very low budget keyboard, still, protection should be given during shipping so that it doesn't get damaged.
Apart from this packaging issue the product was genuine and the delivery time was quite good.I'm happy with amazons Service.
2 September 2018
Style: 3 LED color backlightVerified Purchase
Pros: 1. Looks good,
2. Aluminum build,

Cons: 1. Space key not working properly. Sometimes it skips and most of the time if clicked double time.
2. The font style of keys is not good.
3. If you switch off the backlight, then unable to see letters printed on keys.
4. Num lock light directly strikes at your face, makes uncomfortable.

14 August 2018
Style: 3 LED color backlightVerified Purchase
Soon after receiving it, I plugged it in immediately and started playing.
At this given price, I'm quite impressed with this keyboard.
This does give a similar feeling to a mechanical keyboard.
The aluminum metallic body feels sturdy, strong and stable, brings in more confidence to work our way with the keys.
The backlights are bright but as I've read and felt, we do need to use it irrespective of the time of the day. The alphanumerics marked on the keys are not very clear without it, I also fear for them fading away soon.
Overall I'd give it 4.5 / 5 at this given price as my very first and initial impression.
It might change upon usage.
I'd certainly recommend it for the beginners.
CHIST PUBG PC Intel Core i5 Processor
 8GB Ram  

Name:- CHIST PUBG PC Intel Core i5

Warranty:- 1 Year

Replacement:- 10 Days

Price:- 32,499.00 Rupees

ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch Gaming LCD Monitor

Gaming CPU:- Here is the best gaming CPU you will get in this price range and in this gaming CPU you will get Intel Core i5 2nd Gen Processor. In this gaming CPU, you get Intel H61Chipset Motherboard with VGA, HDMI, 6x 2.0 USB Ports. 


The CPU contains 8GB DDR3 Ram and 4GB G-Force GTX Nvidia 1050TI DDR5 Graphic Card which make your gaming experience in next level. The best thing about the CPU is that it contains 120GB SSD and 1TB Hard Disk, DVD Writer and WiFi adopter with Window 10 trial OS.

After you buy this gaming CPU you no need to install any window or any software the CPU is already installed Assembled and Active Windows 10. In this CPU no need to install utility software like chrome and VLC Players or Winrar.

Odestro QC-10 Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Earphone

Reviews about this product from some Users

2 March 2019
Verified Purchase
I like this configuration I can play all games in high settings... With no lag or slowness overall its
awesome budget comfortable with superb looks
Ram can be extended
Pre-installed MS office 2007

It comes with USB 3.0 attached to the cabinet but it does not support Motherboard
WHILE Playing games disk memory takes 100%, If it also comes with SSD will be nice
But no problem with budge it's best...
I appreciate seller They were reachable and answers all the quires and followed up with me until
I'm satisfied with the product
Just go for this item guys you will love it
12 March 2019
Guys if you build your own PC you can build a PC better than it at this price don't buy a preassembled
20 April 2019
Verified Purchase
There is something that makes a weird sound. And it is not like the pc has nothing in it it has GTA V 
Features of the Product

  • Weight:- 7.42 Kg
  • Brand:- Intel
  • Processor Type:- Core i5-2400
  • Processor Speed:- 3.10 GHz
  • Processor Count:- 4
  • Ram:- 8 GB
  • Memory Type:- DDR3 SDRAM
  • Hard Drive Size:- 1TB
  • Graphics Card:- Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti

ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch Gaming LCD Monitor

Name:- ASUS VP228H 21.5-inch 

Warranty:- 3 Year

Replacement:- 10 Days

Price:- 7,934.00 rupees

Odestro QC-10 Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Earphone

Gaming Monitor:- Here is the best gaming monitor for gamers to play games like PUBG and fortnite or any shooting games you like. This game monitor is 21.5 full HD monitor with 1ms quick response time to eliminate ghosting. In the monitor, there are tracers for more fluid video playback.


ASUS provides you the best things like ASUS-exclusive GamePlus which provides crosshair and Timer function for the better gaming experience. The color of the monitor is black and the height is 30.9 cm and width is 5.2cm or the weight of the monitor is 3.5kg.

The review's of the Users

22 January 2019
Verified Purchase
Talking about the unique selling point (USP) of this monitor, its response time.

For gaming
Remember, faster response time is not all a good gaming monitor needs, it does need a higher refresh rate too, 
which this monitor lacks(75 hgz) which is still considered good at this price point though.

Full HD LCD- Most monitors till date are LCD with LED/WLED(same) backlit.

It's the panel which makes a difference.
3 panels found in monitors are IPS, VA, TN

This one has TN, which is cheapest among the above 3 mentioned so it's cost-effective.
TN has the fastest response time but lack picture quality.

This monitor is only for gaming or normal office/home browsing. Please avoid if anyone is looking for graphical, imaging, visual work.

26 November 2018
Verified Purchase
Got it for gaming and video watching. I carry it with me when I'm traveling with my rig! The speakers were a good surprise! Been using them almost exclusively (no other speakers) but then I'm not very finicky about audio. The screen itself is the best I've had in a while.

15 June 2018
Verified Purchase
1. The monitor is as described in the Item description. Picture quality is good and the viewing angles are alright
 ( Used HDMI cable).
2. Easy Installation and It got delivered with the Indian Power cable, so there were no worries about plugging it straight away.
3. Plenty of options to change the settings on this one and can be done with ease.
I haven't played any games as I am yet to build my PC. Will review gaming performance post PC build.
I had selected next day delivery for this monitor but there was some issue at Courier's end and wasn't
delivery on the 1st day. So reducing 1 star for it.

22 December 2017
Verified Purchase
Nice product Asus Go for it Works well competitive pricing.
ASUS Cerberus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 
DDR5 Gaming Graphic Card

Features of the Product

1. Tracers for more fluid video playback.
2. Timer function for the better gaming experience.
3. Low Blue Light Technologies.
4. Extensive connectivity including HDMI, DVI-D.
5. The TUV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker.

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